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November 6th 2019, Ghent

If you want to take a deepdive in the future, join over 300 digital deciders at In The Pocket's boutique conference Shift on November 6 in Gent,
from 13h - 20h30

 Get hands-on with the technologies that are about to impact your business and learn from industry leaders!
Shift is a non-commercial event for In The Pocket clients and industry leaders in tech. Sales and consultants can only attend upon request.


Get inspired by industry leaders in tech. No technical skills required, this track is meant for everybody who wants to move ahead in digital.


Get hands-on with emerging technologies that will change the way we learn, work and play. No coding skills needed to participate in this track.


Learn how to create digital products that are easy to use by everyone, and built in a scaleable way. No design skills required.


Panel: Is your business ready for the next shift?

John Porter
CEO Telenet

How diversity drives innovation

Beryl Chung
Senior Creative at MediaMonks

Panel: The pitfalls of autonomous teams

Lieven Baeyens
VP Engineering at Showpad

Design and scale market-changing digital products

Brendan Kearns
Founder Studio Rival & former lead at Google, Twitter, and InVision

Inclusive design

Roel Van Gils
Co-Owner Eleven Ways

Panel: Is your business ready for the next shift?

Jeroen Lemaire
CEO & Co-founder In The Pocket

Six batteries of change

Geert Letens
Founding Partner LemnisQ

Panel: Is your business ready for the next shift?

Steve Muylle
Academic Director Online MBA, Professor & Partner Vlerick Business School

Panel: The pitfalls of autonomous teams

Roel Buyzen
Operations at Byteflies

Panel: The pitfalls of autonomous teams

Annelies De Meyere
Agile Coach


Robert Stohr
Tribe lead at In The Pocket
to be announced


Inclusive Design: solve for one, extend to many

Design Leads, Product Managers

Digital exclusion happens when we try to solve a problem using our own biases. To fix this, we need to stop thinking about 'disabilities' as personal attributes or health issues. In this fun and interactive workshop, we start by recognizing the different barriers that people might encounter. Then we'll explore ways to introduce diversity in design thinking. You'll learn that the result of designing for everyone is more than the products we design. The shift in culture and our personal mindset is what makes the real difference.

Hosted by
Roel Van Gils

Grow your digital product

Product & Marketing Managers

It seems like everybody's talking about Growth with a capital 'G'. Well yes, your time is now. Your product already satisfies a portion of the market, but you're looking for more. You've spent a considerate amount of time and efforts at attaining this product-market fit. Now you want to grow your audience and the return on your investments. In this workshop we will show you which levers to pull in order to attain product growth.

Hosted by
Maarten Van de Bossche

AI The Game


Discover artificial intelligence use cases and how to implement them in your product, service or organisation by playing AI The Game. Using the principle of design thinking we diverge and come up with a lot of ideas, and then keep the best ideas through convergence. Players are each assigned a role (CTO, CEO, employee...) and must defend their AI application for the board of directors. The cards help come up with a machine learning use cases and check how valuable it is to develop an AI application for a specific problem.

Hosted by
Kenny Helsens, Sebastiaan Van Den Branden
More workshops and detailed timetable to be announced soon.

13h00 - 18h00: Talks & Workshops
18h30 - 20h30: Closing Panel & Keynote
20h30 - .....: Walking Dinner & Party


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In The Pocket HQ
Sassevaartstraat 46/401, 9000 Ghent 
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Past speakers

A grab of the previous events

Nick Bostrom

Professor, Oxford University

Dr. Helen Papagiannis

Leading expert in AR

Dominique Leroy

CEO, Proximus

Koert Van Mensvoort

Director Next Nature Network

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